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There are several calling cards in market to make calls to India from countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc at cheaper price than regular mobile phone rates. Most of these calling card companies provide similar features but what differs is the call rate, quality of customer service, additional features and customer friendly policies.

Based on these we have compared 4 calling card services;  Pingo, IndiaLD, Rebtel and RelianceGlobalCall.  If we only look at the calling rate, then IndiaLD is clear winner but if you look at its policies and service more closely, you will know that you’ll always be at risk of either losing un-used funds in your account or exceeding the useage over and above funds available in your account that will result penalty(high call rate).

So, over all, our verdict is that Pingo is the best calling card that supports softphone as well. So, you can make calls from PC to mobile as well as mobile to mobile. Using PC to make calls will save the cost of making calls to access numbers as well!

See Detailed Comparison Below:-

Regular Call Rate$0.0175$0.0150$0.0179$0.0199
Call Rate after your account is short of funds$0.0175$0.3900$0.0179NA (Prepaid)
Expiry of FundsNeverAfter 30 daysAfter 12 monthsDepends on plan
Maintenance Charges$0.98/MonthNilNilAdministration Charges Vary
Billing CycleAuto-Recharge as funds finish.Monthly-Automatically charged to your CC at end of billing cycle.Auto-Recharge as funds finish.PrePaid
Is SoftPhone AvailableYesNONONO
Toll Free Access NumbersAvailable @ extra $0.01 / minuteNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable @ extra $0.01 / minute
Local Access NumberSeveral Local Access numbersOnly California Based Access NumberSeveral Local Access Numbers?
Call QualityVery GoodGoodGoodGood
PayPhone Fee in US$0.650/call$0.800/callCan Not Call From payphone$0.690/call
ProsNo Billing Surprises
Great Calling Rates
As Softphone is also available, you can make calls from your laptop and save the cost of calling access numbers.
Good Customer Service
Lowest call RatesGreat Calling Rates?
ConsMonthly Maintenance ChargeHigh Call Rate if your call exceeds the amount available in your account even when you have allowed indiaLD to charge your CC automatically

No Option to stop automatic billing to your Credit Card

Unused Funds expire after 30 days

Local Access numbers not available for every state in US. So, you need to call California access number, and your mobile phone provider will charge for it..

No toll free numbers available.

No Option to Call From payphone in emergency.

Softphone not available

High Calling Rates

High Administration Cost

Average Call Quality

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One Response to“Cheapest Calling Card India”

  1. Marco Sanchez
    January 11, 2012 at 4:06 am #

    This is a good comparison of major voip players in the market today. A few of the things have changed such as Rebtel now offers a softphone. But this comparison will give any new user a fair idea of market today. We would have liked to see Localphone too as they are capturing a large market share these days.

    Marco Sanchez

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