Cheap VoIP Calls with Truphone VoIP

Truphone VoIPNowadays with more than a dozen of VoIP service providers, you need to worry about your telephone bills. Truphone is one such service provider. Truphone also offers various attractive schemes for attracting customers. These services voice quality depends entirely on your internet connection strength and should never be relied for making emergency calls. In case of mobile VoIP services, Truphone is undoubtedly the leader as it has launched several unlimited packages for 40 countries, including India with monthly charges of only $40. With this scheme you can make any number of mobile to mobile calls to not only truphone users but also talk to Skype and Gtalk users free of cost using a Wi-Fi connection.

You can directly download the mobile VoIP software in your mobile and start making calls with Wi-Fi or GPRS, without the need of an interface like a PC. Also if you go for VoIP software, just download it to your computer, use Wi-Fi or SIP and enjoy superior quality of voice communication. Few interesting schemes offered by Truphone are:

  • TruStandard: This is like a “pay as you use” plan. In this scheme you have no monthly commitments or any kind of rentals at all. It is specially designed to reduce mobile to mobile international calling rates. With this scheme, you need to pay anything to Truphone. Just download the software and make calls to USA, Australia or Japan at a flat rate of 5.1 cents per minute.
  • TruSaver: Well if you still want to reduce your calling rates further, make them just 1.8 cents per minute with just a monthly commitment of only $4.
  • TruUnlimited: However, if you want not to pay anything while making you calls; you can make your international calls free for a month with just a commitment of $17 every month. With this scheme, you get access to free calls to nearly 38 countries including USA and Canada.

With these attractive schemes this cheap voip calls service is worthwhile for its users. So give it a try…

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