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Cheap Calls To Zimbabwe

Cheap Calls To Zimbabwe

Making international call can be expensive but if we use VoIP services, we can reduce the cost by more that a half.

To make cheap calls to Zimbabwe you can subscrive to VoIP service of Pingo or localphone. Pingo offers calls to Zimbabwe for as low as $0.085. This is the lowest price amonst all VoIP services I checked. if you know about a service that offers at cheaper rate, then do leave a comment below..

VoIP Call Rate Comparison to Make calls to Zimbabwe:

Pingo.com$0.085$0.085Superior quality and reliability.Plus Free bonus.Pingo Voip Review
 LocalPhone.com $0.099 $0.149 Add as little as $1 in credit and get a 5 minute free call. LocalPhone Voip Review
 Rynga.com $0.093 $0.542 120 Free Days to call certain destinations. Rynga Voip Review
 Rebtel.com $0.099 $0.399 Unique method of making almost free calls to 50+ destinations. Rebtel Voip Review
 12voip.com $0.093 $0.542 For only € 10 you get 90 Free Days to call certain destinations. 12voip Review
 VoIPDiscount.com $0.0928 $0.5411 120 Free Days to call certain destinations VoIP Discount Review
 SmartVoip.com $0.109 $0.542 90 Free Days to call certain destinations Smart Voip Review
 Easyvoip.com $0.115 $0.403 No Free Calls but cheap rates for several countries. Easy Voip Review
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