Cheap calls to USA India with Toktumi

ToktumiToktumi is relatively new VoIP company providing free USA incoming calls as well as forwarding services. Because of the added feature that calls from USA call be accepted without any charges, makes the service most appealing. There are two categories of this service viz; Home Office and Small Business VoIP service and you need to opt for any one category.

For small business, you can set up an entire office within minutes with Toktumi, with minimum one line per PC. Another beautiful advantage of this service is that staring with one line, you can add on more lines absolutely FREE of cost. Services like voicemail, auto-attendant, and conferencing are also available with Toktumi. However the registration process is a bit tough as downloading the VoIP software and its installation takes large time. After that the company issues you a free incoming USA number to your account during registration and you need to verify your account with activation code. Immediately after activation you can start receiving calls. If you want to port Toktumi number to your normal landline phone, you can buy a toktumi adapter for $19.95.

If you are looking for mobile VoIP phone service, Toktumi Line2 is the upcoming mobile VoIP service competing with Google Voice for mobile. This service offers a second line with voice mail. It is like making your handset work with 2 phone numbers – a real and a virtual number.
Some of other added advantages are:

  • Calls can be conducted with conferences from your PC to anywhere from your PC. Keyword dialing instead of names is also possible.
  • A local number, an 800 number is provided that finds you uniquely on any phone.
  • Extremely low call rates with call to anywhere in India at $0.07 per minute and calls to USA at $0.30 per minute only.
  • You can forward call simultaneously up to six numbers with very few restrictions.

You just need to pay a monthly commitment of $14.95 and enjoy the service freely. You can try toktumi for a free trial of 30 days also. So go ahead and start making free calls now!!!

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