Cheap Phone Calls To Syria

Cheap Phone Calls To SyriaMake cheap phone calls to Syria using the list of voip service providers listed below. If you mostly make calls to landline number in Syria then Rebtel is the best opion for you. VoIPGain on the other hand offers best overall calling rates for Syria.

If you know of a VoIP service that is cheaper than the top service listed in table above, then do leave a comment on this post.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile$0.092$0.123 $0.104 $0.161 $0.092 $0.139 $0.123 $0.246 $0.2491 $0.2491 $0.108 $0.139 $0.099 $0.149 $0.1 $0.1 $0.029 $0.219
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