Cheap Internet Calls To Pakistan

Pakistan Free CallsMake cheap internet calls to Pakistan with VoIP services and save your hard earned money.  Following table provides head on comparison of per minute international call rates to Pakistan.

In summary, Localphone and EasyVoip are the best VoIP services for people that need to make international calls to Pakistan frequently. Localphone charges $0.034 per minute and EasyVoIP charges $0.023 per minute for Pakistan calls.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile $0.023 $0.04 $0.047 $0.078 $0.054 $0.123 $0.1232 $0.1232 $0.062 $0.078 $0.034 $0.034 $0.035 $0.035 $0.035 $0.035

In case that you know about a better and cheaper service to make Cheapest Calls To Pakistan, then do leave a reply and we will update our record.

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