Cheap International Calls To Kenya

Cheap International Calls To KenyaFind below an unbiased call rate per minute comparison of voip service providers for finding the best provider to make Cheap Calls To Kenya.

This comparison shows that Localphone, Pingo calling cards and Easyvoip are best choices to make cheap calls to Kenya. However, in case of Easyvoip, please note that this service charges a connection fee that makes calls of shorter duration very costly. Therefore go for only if your calls last for longer duration; say more than 20 minutes each.

Also, some people may have the requirement to call other countries in addition to making calls to Kenya. In such cases you must also see the rates these companies charge for calling those countries and this could affect your decision to subscribe to one service or other.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile (+ $0.039 con. fee) $0.083 $0.105 $0.245 $0.347 $0.107 $0.121 $0.083 $0.105 $0.098 $0.116 $0.041 $0.068 $0.067 $0.102 $0.140 $0.240
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