Cheapest VoIP Calls To Italy

Cheapest VoIP Calls To ItalyWant to find the cheapest VoIP service provider for making calls to Italy? If yes, then checkout the table below where we have ranked different VoIP services according to call rates they offer to make cheap International calls to Italy. Generally speaking, Rynga, Smartvoip, 12Voip and Easyvoip are top 4 voip services offering best price for making calls to Itlay. Anyone of these services could be best for you based on your needs, like:

  • whether Italy is the only country that you need to make calls to?
  • whether you only need to make calls to fixed/landline numbers or mobile or both?
  • Do you make calls to italy frequently or not
  • Etc

So, think about your needs, read in details about each service and then make a well informed decision.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile $0.006 $0.006 FREE* $0.123 $0.008 $0.115 FREE* $0.3541 $0.008 $0.115 $0.01 $0.129 $0.0225 $0.0225 $0.019 $0.195
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