Cheap calls to India with SoftCall

Cheap calls to India with SoftCallIf you are really worried about your telephone bills, then go for communication over internet and save lots of money. There are various VoIP services available among which SoftCall is one such software available. All you need to have is a high speed internet connection in your laptop or computer and the SoftCall service, and you can start making free calls with real-time quality sound.

The major advantages of the service include:
• A maximum of 5 way conference call can be handled
• You can always check your credit balance and its updates
• Conversation recording with playback facility is there
• cost per minute display for destination of the call
• Peer to peer conversation free of charge

With this service you get two types of calling facility. You can either opt for the Pay as you go credits plan or you can opt for the monthly plan. In ‘pay as you go’ plan, you get a credit of $5 and with that you can make calls with the usual call rate. The call rate per minute of mobile or any landline in USA is $0.013. The lowest call rate in this service is $0.00830 which will be charged only if you make a call to Hungary. You can also go for monthly plans with minimum monthly commitment of $4.99/month. The various packages are:

• World Package: 19 countries are included. With a commitment of $14.99/month, you can make 10,000 minutes free call to 19 countries
• You can also go for Asia and Australia package. With just $4.99/month, make 10,000 minutes free call to landlines and mobile of 9 different nations including Australia, China etc.
• Middle East package with just $19.99/month can be the best to call landlines in Baghdad, Bahrain, Riyadh & Turkey as you get 1750 minutes free.
• If you just need to focus on US and Canada, go for USA & CANADA PACKAGE for just $4.99 per month and get 10,000 minutes free.

Opting for any of these plans can drastically reduce your telephone bills, so start making calls now !!!

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