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Cheap Calls To Germany

Cheap Calls To GermanySelect the best voip service to make Cheap Calls To Germany using the per minute rate comparison table given below. Generally, Rynga, Localphone and Smart VoIP provides best rates for making calls to Germany. Rynga.com and Smartvoip.com even offer free calls (fair use policy applies) to Germany for 90 days or so each time you recharge your account with them. This makes these two services very attarctive for those who want or need to make calls to Germany frequently.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile
Easyvoip.com (+ $0.039 con. fee) $0.006 $0.046
Rynga.com FREE* $0.108
12voip.com $0.016 $0.084
VoIPDiscount.com $0.0232 $0.2617
SmartVoip.com FREE* $0.131
LocalPhone.com $0.01 $0.069
Pingo.com $0.0215 $0.0215
Rebtel.com $0.019 $0.193

If you know an even better and cheaper service for making calls to Germany then do leave a message below.

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