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Cheap Calls To Afghanistan

Cheap Calls To AfghanistanIn this post, I have compared the calling rates of most of the prominent VoIP service providers and have come up with the top 8 cheap VoIP Service providers. In most of the cases, its some of the Betamax company that tops the list. We have ranked these sites considering cheapest calling rates for both landline and mobile phones.

For people looking to make international calls to Afganistan, Dialnow.com is the most economical yet quality VoIP Service. This service may be used to make cheap calls tom PC/laptop to mobile/Fixed phones in Afganistan

If you know of a service that can beat the cheapest price quoted in list below, then please contact us so that we can update or record.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile
Rynga.com $0.277 $0.293
12voip.com $0.201 $0.293
VoIPDiscount.com $0.2771 $0.3387
SmartVoip.com $0.201 $0.193
LocalPhone.com $0.229 $0.219
Pingo.com $0.23 $0.23
Rebtel.com $0.249 $0.249
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