Free Calls To Malaysia

Malaysia is amongst few of those asian countries where one can make free international calls from other countries. The best VoIP service to make calls to Malaysia is Rynga VoIP. It is closely followed by Both Rynga and 12voip offer free unlimited calls to landline number in Malaysia to its subscribers. They charge around […]

Free Calls To Greece

You can make unlimited* free calls to Greece by subscribing to Rynga, 12voip or voipdiscount’s service. After you pay for their subscription, you get a fixed period of months to make free calls to fixed/landline phones of Greece. After the free days are over, you pay normal rates to make calls. You can also use […]

Cheap Calls To Georgia

Now you can make international calls to Georgia for as less as US dollar 0.017 per minute by subscribing to services of Other best services are VoipDiscount, Rynga and Localphone. VoIPDiscount offers lowest rate to make calls to cellphones and Easyvoip offers lowest rate to call fixed/landline numbers. If you know about a service […]

Cheap Calls To Egypt

You can make calls to Egypt for as low as US $0.072 per minute by using service. FastVoip charges only $0.072 per minute on mobile/cellphones and $0.076 per minute on fixed phones when making international calls to Egypt. Localphone is the other best VoIP service for calling Egypt. If you know of a service […]

Cheap Calls To Congo

Making international calls to Congo can cost you a lot if you use you regular mobile company’s service. However, there is a solution for making Cheap Calls To Congo. You can simply subscribe to’s service and make calls at US dollar 0.299 only for fixed phones and $0.368 for mobile phones. If you want […]

Cheap Calls To Bhutan

If you have relatives living in Bhutan and you want to fine a cheap service to make cheap calls to bhutan, then is the service that you would definately want to subscribe to. offers cheap international calls to Bhutan for US dollar $0.093 only. This is far cheap than the regular call rates […]

Cheap Calls To Azerbaijan and are two VoIP services that are best for making cheap calls to Azerbaijan. offers international calls to fixed phones in Azerbaijan for only US $0.161. Pingo on the other hand offers fixed and mobile phone calls to Azerbaijan for only USD 0.19. If you know abot a service that beats these […]

Cheap Calls To American Samoa

Following is the comparison of calling rates of various VoIP and calling card services for calling American Samoa. The best amongst these is LocalPhone as it offers calls at $0.059 per minute. Rebtel and Pingo are the other two best services for making calls to  American Samoa. As usual, please leave a comment on this post if […]

FreePhoo App Launches In India

If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve become pretty irritated with all the VoIP apps out there, and how they never seem to launch or work properly in India. Today’s our lucky day because I have finally found an app that works wonderfully in India. It’s called FreePhoo and I think you’re going to […]

Free Minutes Everyday From Maaii

For those of you looking for a new, fresh and simple way to make phone calls on your iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry; you may want to check out the Maaii VoIP App. Maaii has an amazing deal going on right now that offers you a free 100 minutes every single day. Where else can […]