ALLVOI Voip Review

ALLVOI Voip ReviewALLVOI stands for all voice over internet. ALLVOI can be used with PC but it requires headphones and speakers. It can be used even with your existing phone. A phone adapter is required to make voice over internet calls, if not an ALLVOI VOIP phone can be purchased, which is specifically designed for voice over internet calling. It is very easy to install, save, and make calls.

ALLVOI comes with money back option of 30 days if not satisfied.  ALLVOI setup is a very easy process. The complete instructions will be provided on the web site and on the internet technical support will be provided. You can signup in minutes by downloading the software and if ordered for a phone adapter just plug into the broad band with a cable and connect it to the electric source. Once connected you can hear a dial tone and start calling.

ALLVOI payments can be made through valid debit or credit cards. Earlier there was an activation fee of $29.99, signup fee, shipping, taxes, and the prorated portion of the month for the plan selected. But from January 1, 2009 there is no activation fee which means the phone adapter will be provided at the same cost or you can choose the ALLVOI net phone for only $49.99($69.99 value). ALLVOI have a credit limit of $50 which provides your account extra calling power if needed.

You can even use your cell phone to make cheap international calls. You can replace your home phone. You can make cheap international calls with a domestic plan, even cheaper calls with international plan. Refer friends, and there is no need to pay a cent to talk to other ALLVOI customers. You can get your voice mail anywhere in the world. There are special six months introductory rates which are any day lower than the competition. One can save hundreds per year compared to other phone services.

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