Lingo VoIP Review – Updated

Lingo VoIPWith Lingo VoIP there are more cons than pros. If you search the internet for complaints against lingo, you will find several of them. This can’t be with out a reason.

The advantages of the Lingo VoIP include an International calling plan with unlimited calls to over 45 countries including India, 911 support, very low monthly rates and presence of virtual numbers. But the disadvantages clearly out weigh the advantages that can put off many users. The cons of this service are:-

  1. Inconsistent call quality and poor customer support.
  2. Yearly Plan (Talk 365) was a problem as upon disconnection it used to attract heavy penalty. (This was applicable till September 24, 2010).
  3. Several unresolved complaints against the parent company resulted in it getting “D+” grade by BBB.

Lingo is aware of these problems and they have already started working to correct the situation. For example, they have now changed the VoIP plans they used to offer. Now there is no annual plan and hence no long term commitment and therefore no penalty for disconnecting the service. Upon disconnecting, customers just need to ensure to return their equipment.

The new plans offered are:

  • World Unlimited: It comes with unlimited calls to over 45 countries. The cost per month is $21.95 (+Taxes). They also offer a free trail for 1st month when you subscribe to this plan.
  • America Unlimited: It also comes with unlimited calls but to America, Canada and Puerto Rico only. The plan can be taken for $19.95 (+Taxes) a month.
  • America 500: In this plan your monthly commitment will be $14.95 + taxes with 500 minutes of free talk time across US and Canada
  • America 250: This plan comes with a monthly commitment of $7.95+ taxes with 250 minutes of free talk time across US and Canada

Surely Lingo VoIP is a good candidate in the VoIP market if you consider cheapness of service. And if they can get their customer support back on track then it will be surely a service worth subscribing to.

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  1. teresa moore
    July 9, 2017 at 2:17 am #

    I have been a Lingo customer for over ten years and have not had
    a problem I call my family overseas at least twice a week and speak for long periods of time

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