Free VoIP Calls -Types & Best Service Providers

Who doesn’t want to make absolutely free phone calls? Almost all of us want such a service. Good news is that there are several ways of making free calls these days. Free calls can be of three types. These are: 1. Computer to Computer or PC to PC2. SmartPhone to SmartPhone3. PC to Mobile

Reliance Jio Chat App

Jio Chat is a new communication application rolled out by Reliance Jio (Reliance Industries subsidiary). It has crossed one million active users within two months of its launch in April 2015 without any paid advertisements or promotions. Clearly, Jio Chat has become increasingly popular within such a short period of time of its availability. Reliance […]

Get 60 Free Minutes To Call Cuba LIMITED TIME

Rebtel recently had a competition. The selected winner would be able to choose which destination would be free to call for 60 minutes for a limited amount of customers. The winner was chosen and they have decided on Cuba. The good news for those of you who need to call Cuba is; Cuba is one […]

FreePhoo App Launches In India

If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve become pretty irritated with all the VoIP apps out there, and how they never seem to launch or work properly in India. Today’s our lucky day because I have finally found an app that works wonderfully in India. It’s called FreePhoo and I think you’re going to […]

Free Minutes Everyday From Maaii

For those of you looking for a new, fresh and simple way to make phone calls on your iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry; you may want to check out the Maaii VoIP App. Maaii has an amazing deal going on right now that offers you a free 100 minutes every single day. Where else can […]

Now Enjoy Video Chat With Facebook

Most of us have heard about the fact that you can chat on Facebook, but did you know you can also video chat? It’s actually a feature that’s been available for quite some time now but not a lot of people seem to know it’s there, let alone use it. The thing that’s so great […]

Rebtel Review

Rebtel VoIP is an easy way to make free calls and cheap international calls using WiFi, 3G or local access numbers! Rebtel has several unique and useful features like:- You get a unique number for every contact you add in your Rebtel Contact List. So, once you have added contact numbers of your friends and […]

Humnut is the world’s #1 Free Call Website For Good Reason

Humnut is the most popular free calling website in the world. This company is very unique because not only do they offer you free calls to landlines and mobile phones in 40 destinations, but their website helps you find great deals for other services. These include mobile phones, credit cards, loans, and insurance; as well […]

Call From All Your Devices With eVoice

The VoIP business is constantly changing. While we can’t say what will be possible next, we can tell you about something really neat we recently heard about that is going to make a huge impact on small businesses; making communications better and more efficient than ever. eVoice is offering a mobile app that allows you […]

iCall Offers 5 Minute Phone Calls For Free

Do you want to call your friends, family or kids in united states or Canada for free? If yes, then has a solution for you! As long as you’re calling a phone (either cell or landline) within the United States or Canada, then you will receive unlimited free calls when using iCall. Keep in mind; these […]