Cheap Calls To Zimbabwe

Making international call can be expensive but if we use VoIP services, we can reduce the cost by more that a half. To make cheap calls to Zimbabwe you can subscrive to VoIP service of Pingo or localphone. Pingo offers calls to Zimbabwe for as low as $0.085. This is the lowest price amonst all […]

Cheap Calls To Turkey

You can make cheap international calls to Turkey by avoiding making calls using normal telecom operator’s service and using VoIP services instead. To make cheap calls to Turkey, you can subscribe to the service of 12voip, easyvoip and These services offer calls at USD 0.011, 0.017 and 0.018 per minutes.. Each service comes with […]

Cheap Calls To Sri Lanka

Making interational calls to SriLanka can be expensive if you use your ordinary mobile service operator’s service. However, if you switch to VoIP service, then you can save lots of money and make really cheap call to Srilanka. Within VoIP service providers,, and Localphone are the best options to make cheap calls to […]

Free Calls To Singapore

If you need to make calls to Singapore frequently then you will be happy to know that you can do so free of cost, well almost!. Yes, you can now make Free Calls To Singapore using services of, Rynga or These VoIP companies offer free unlimited calls (fair use apply) to Singapore when […]

Free Calls To Poland is a leader when its a question of making cheap or free calls to Poland. On subscribing to, you get free calls to Poland (fixed numbers)for 120 days. For calls to mobile/cellphones, they charge a very competitive price of US $0.07per minute. Find below a head-on cost comparison of VoIP services for making […]

Cheap Calls To Nepal

You can now make cheap international calls to nepal for as low as USD 0.11. All you need to do is subscribe to VoIP service of or FastVoip offers lowest rate of $0.111 per minute to call mobile phone in Nepal. Local phone on the other hand offers cheapest rate ($0.119)to call landline/fixed […]

Free Calls To Malaysia

Malaysia is amongst few of those asian countries where one can make free international calls from other countries. The best VoIP service to make calls to Malaysia is Rynga VoIP. It is closely followed by Both Rynga and 12voip offer free unlimited calls to landline number in Malaysia to its subscribers. They charge around […]

Free Calls To Greece

You can make unlimited* free calls to Greece by subscribing to Rynga, 12voip or voipdiscount’s service. After you pay for their subscription, you get a fixed period of months to make free calls to fixed/landline phones of Greece. After the free days are over, you pay normal rates to make calls. You can also use […]

Cheap Calls To Georgia

Now you can make international calls to Georgia for as less as US dollar 0.017 per minute by subscribing to services of Other best services are VoipDiscount, Rynga and Localphone. VoIPDiscount offers lowest rate to make calls to cellphones and Easyvoip offers lowest rate to call fixed/landline numbers. If you know about a service […]

Cheap Calls To Egypt

You can make calls to Egypt for as low as US $0.072 per minute by using service. FastVoip charges only $0.072 per minute on mobile/cellphones and $0.076 per minute on fixed phones when making international calls to Egypt. Localphone is the other best VoIP service for calling Egypt. If you know of a service […]