Free Calls to India PC to Mobile And Mobile to Mobile

Making free calls to India from within India and from outside India is no more a difficult task. There are several services that offer free calls from one app to another, installed on smartphones, tabs or PCs. Other than that there are also VoIP services that offer free calls of certain duration when you subscribe to their monthly plans. Further, some offers or tricks keep coming where companies offer totally free calls to India without the need to subscribe to a paid plan. However, you may still need to input your credit card details at the time of registration… Lets discuss these one by one.

Methods of Making Free Calls to India by Resident Indians

If you are residing in India and want to make free calls to your friends (who also are living in India), then you have very limited options. Currently there are four genuine options:-

  • is a new website that allows you to make calls directly to any phone number in the world including in India. You don’t need to register or to make calls to any number. Simply go to their website and dial the number and enjoy the free call to India.
  • FreeKall is a new concept wherein any mobile user in India would be able to make free calls for 12 minutes even without Internet. All you need to do is,  make a call to 080-49202060 or 080-67683693 after which the call will drop. Then you will receive a call on your number. Pick up the call and dial the number on which you want to make a call and you will be connected to that number. It is an advertisement supported service and you will hear a 10-second audio advertisements after every 2 minutes during the free call from mobile to mobile.
  • Register on using your active mobile phone number in India and enjoy free calls to India for upto 4 minutes. This is advertisement supported free call service and users get this free calling service in exchange for opting in to have targeted ads displayed to them. This service can be used only for making personal calls to known persons. This service must not be used for selling a product or service or for any commercial purpose. Limit of 10 calls per day apply.
  • Use to make PC to Mobile free call of 50 seconds.
  • Register on  and you will get $0.5 in your account for free. In addition to that, you also get 30 minutes of free calls to over 40 countries including India.
  • The most reliable option that I like the most is to use smartphone apps like Line, Skype, Fring, Talkonaut, Nimbuzz etc and make calls from one smartphone to another using internet connection. For this to succeed its important that both the call maker and call receiver have smartphones with desired messenger app and internet activated in their mobiles.

Methods of Making Free Calls to India by Non Resident Indians

If you are not living in India and want to make calls to Indian landline and mobile numbers from abroad, then first you must check if VoIP is allowed in your country of residence. In some countries it is illegal to make VoIP Calls. So, be careful.

Totally Free Calls:

For making free calls to India from overseas,you can use services of many voip and calling card companies. Most of these companies provide free calls of limited duration and may be advertisement supported. Remember these services are only for people residing and calling from other countries like USA, Canada, Europe, France, Australia etc.

ServiceDuration of Free Calls to India
Main Conditions currently limit the number and duration of free calls that can be made in a single dayYou can call Indian number if you are not in India.
Freephone2phone10 minute call to Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Punjab, and Tamilnadu. 6 Minute Call to other destinations.Advertisement (10-12 seconds) supported Offer. Charges to dial access number apply. Valid in USA Only. Minutes call to fixed and mobiles in IndiaRegistration Required
Call2Friends 50 seconds free calls to India. This duration is generally increased on festive occasions.Only PC to Mobile Calls

Free Calls to India on Subscribing to a Plan

ServiceDuration of Free Calls to INdia Main Conditions
Ringtoindia30 minutes free calls to India on signup and top up of $10 or more. Another 30 minutes free when you refer a friend.Check their website
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    (3) Start making calls free

    If you want receive a text within 24 hours E-Mail your mobile number and
    E-Mail on :


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